Silverlight DRM

Silverlight DRM, powered by PlayReady®, is a cross-platform technology, that is designed and optimized to enable key Silverlight online content distribution securely. Using Silverlight DRM, content owners can fully protect and monetize their media assets.

The Key Benefits of Silverlight DRM

Playback on Windows OS
Playback on Apple Intel Mac OS
Cross-browser support for Internet Explorer (IE) and FireFox.
Playback of Silverlight protected media
Playback of WMDRM protected media
AES 256 bit encryption
End to End Content Protection
Package your content locally via a GUI packager or via command line

ExtraDRM media System which is the software online VOD Sorefront integratesin the BackOffice the SilverLight digital rights management for streaming Mode.

ExtraDRM Media System offer a turn-key fully scalable software solution for your digital data : Control access to and usage of your digital data, whether you are a content distributor or content owner. With secure end-to-end downloads & streaming, this scalable solution allows you to distribute, sell, or lease digital content--be it in the form of audio books, corporate training material, music, instructional audio or video material, distance learning material, and more.

Complete Media Management and Delivery Solution
Integrated multiple "Pre-Deliver" & "Post Deliver" Licensing Solution
Complete Customer Management and Administration
Accurate and Comprehensive Reporting
Easy to Use Administrative Control Panel
Can Integrate many Business model (Rent / sell / Pay per view ...)
A Integrated Pursue Token-Money to avoid high Micropayment high rates
Runs on PHP and mySQL for Maximum Compatibility

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