ExtraDRM Media System' s storefront enables content owners to sell DRM protected Media Files. The stores also support multiple payment options, including credit cards, paypal, tokens, subscriptions and more. These videos and music stores are custom made to the client's specifications and can include all the features of some of the major videos services. With our DRM Storefront system, the user adds the video clips or sound tracks to their basket and downloads the files after payment has been received. In these cases, the licenses are delivered silently through the browser.

ExtraDRM Media System now allows you choices in how to deliver the media to your customer! Using Digital Rights Management (DRM), you can allow your customer to download the Media directly to their PC hard drive. Through DRM profiles, you can select to have the media expire after a predetermined amount of time or views. This is perhaps the most sought after method of delivery as it allows you to conserve bandwidth while providing a near "Video Rental" style of service. And the best part is you never need to worry about customers returning the Media. The Media simply expires on their hard drive and becomes inoperable. The customer can elect to delete the media or renew the media again via the ExtraDRM System. 

ExtraDRM allows you to become also a distributor as it integrates a Studio Management tracker sale and also a Sitemap Google index generator for your marketing. In case of Mega Distribution on p2p BitTorrent Networks, all the clients who has not paid will be redirected to your own DRM storefront which works in predeliver mode.

The price of the ExtraDRM solution (1 licence per site) is 500 Euros per Model option (Token/Pay per view/Subscription) and per domain.  ... You will have the control* of the back office of your shop, web site, your content and enter the products, manage your clients and accounts payment.

This Price includes

1- Extradrm integration basic design customizing  with your banner, Header, colours and polices.**

2- One free month technical support***

3- All the advises like the suitable web hosters, storage for multimedia needs. 

4- Our testing approach involves Black Box Testing and White Box testing which will us sure that our software or applications must be delivered to our clients without any error. After the completion of the testing phase we upload the complete web site or web application to our web server for the testing and approval from the clients. After the final approval of the web site or web applications by our client and payment, we sent this to our clients by uploading the web site or application to the client’s main web server. 

ExtraDRM Basic version can have any multimedia business Model like :

  • ExtraDRM Media System - Token System and PPV models :
    Additionally, ExtraDRM VOD Media systems has a built in Token System, creating a much more flexible purchase environment for your customer. Now, through Token Packages, you can offer increased Value over traditional Pay-Per-View and Subscription models. Customers can "pre-pay" for a number of tokens which they can use at ANY time. 

    For example you could offer 50 tokens for $15. Now lets say that to watch a 3 minute title will cost 4 tokens. The customer simply pays for the media from his pre-purchased tokens. Its fast and allows him to keep a supply of tokens on hand without having to pull out the credit card for every purchase.

  • ExtraDRM Media System - PPV models:
    Pay-Per-View is exactly what it says : the customer pays a predetermined amount of money for a single title or viewing. ExtraDRM Media systems has built in Download Management which allows you to set access conditions just like DRM. You can control the amount of times or time that a download link is available. Further, the user never has access directly to the content.
  • ExtraDRM Media System - Subscription System : 
    Subscriptions is the tried and tested method of taking $X for one month's access to the site and it's content. By this method, you charge for access to the entire catalog for one monthly fee. Again, you can attach DRM and Access Conditions to the media to control and prevent unauthorized viewing and distribution. This is a great way to offer a lot of content for a fixed price!

    We can use this option of ExtraDRM VOD Media System with e-Learning business model too quite easy ..

    To get a demo link for a basic VOD platform using DRM so please contact us with a summary about your project ....

ExtraDRM General Features

  • General Functionality
    • Compatible with all PHP 4 versions
    • All features enabled by default for a complete out-of-the-box solution
    • Completely multilingual with English, French provided by default
  • Setup / Installation
    • Via FTP web-browser based installation.
  • Design / Layout
    • Template structure implementation must be done by US.
    • Support for multiple  images
  • Administration / Backend Functionality
    • Supports unlimited products and categories
      • Products-to-categories structure
      • Categories-to-categories structure
    • Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, studios, artists, customers, and reviews
    • Support virtual (downloadable) products
    • Contact customers directly via email or newsletters
    • Easily backup and restore the database
    • Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen
    • Statistics for products, studios and customers
    • Multilingual support
    • Google map Site index in the Admin Panel
  • Customer / Frontend Functionality
    • All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval
    • Customers can view their order history and order statuses
    • Customers can maintain their accounts
    • Fast and friendly quick search and advanced search features
    • Product reviews for an interactive shopping experience
    • Virtual Pursue Money 
    • Pre-selection wishlist Media before ordering
    • Media download center
    • A Studio Management tracker
    • Number of products in each category can be shown or hidden
    • Global and per-category bestseller lists
    • Display what other customers have ordered with the current product shown
    • Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation
  • Product Functionality
    • Dynamic product attributes relationship
    • HTML based product descriptions
    • Automated display of specials
    • Customers can subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters
  • Payment Functionality
    • Accept numerous online payment processing (PayPal, IPN Paypal..)
    • Virtual Pursue to avoid Micropayments High Rates

Additional services :

1- Custom Advise, Design and Programming for Oscommerce an E-commerce
We can make design and programming to your E commerce project uniquely tailored to your specific goals.
- Platforms include : .Net, VB, Php, XML, and Multimedia.
- We also provide  design and programming for Oscommerce Software
- We provide Web Marketing support to your storefronts (SEO / Affiliation / Url rewriting ). Ask us for Prices. 

2- Encoding your videos :
We offer a good price to Encode your digital content. Ask us for prices. 

3- Maintenance contract :
Our Maintenance contract cost 500 Euros By year. This contract gives you the right for technical support for your Extradrm Storefront.

4- Licence Provider :
We can afford you licences for a good price to start your business. Ask us for prices and advise.
** To start your Project, it is asked an advance of 200 Euros not refundable. This amount will be deduced from the final price.

*** Our Maintenance contract cost 500 Euros By year. This contract gives you the right for technical support with extradrm storefront.

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